S5 Electric Scooter

S5 Electric Scooter

For those commuting or growing their business.
Equipped with a 3kwh Bosch electric motor, the S5 is a real workhorse that can fit your needs!

The S5 is a dynamic electric vehicle that can serve a variety of roles. It makes commuting fun, affordable and clean. The S5 is an efficient delivery vehicle and can act as a patrol vehicle with the tactical advantage of stealth.

Easy to maintain and to ride, the S5 will help you maximise your businesses potential. With zero carbon emission, the S5 is the vehicle that can assist in your commitment to going green.

Key features

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Low Costs, High Performance

Costing around 6c per km, our vehicles can save you money every trip. Minimal maintenance required. No hassling with a complex machine.
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Quality Guaranteed

Made of high-quality parts and tested thoroughly, Go-Lectric promises reliability and quality.
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Lithium Battery

Removable lithium batteries can be charged in or out of the vehicle. Increase your range with a second battery giving a minimum 120km range.
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Handy USB Charger

Charge your phone or other small devices with the 12v USB socket.
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Hydraulic Brake System

Provides you with efficient brakes to enhance your safety. Using brake fluid to reduce heat generated when braking allows the brakes last longer.

Technical Details

S5 Electric Scooter technical drawing
Motor 3.0 Kw
Battery 60V 20Ah Lithium
Range 80km - 150km
Speed 55km/h (adjustable)
Battery weight 10kg
No of batteries 2
Dimensions 1890 x 720 x 1110mm
Weight 73kg
Carrying capacity 240kg
Brakes Hydraulic
Lighting LED
Speedometer Digital
USB Charger
Removable batteries
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