Our first electric motorcycle scooters have arrived in South Africa and ready to hit the road!

Go-Lectric is passionate about developing the electric vehicle industry in South Africa! We are a licensed importer of two-wheeler vehicles.

Why electric scooters

We believe that electric powered motorbikes brings a sustainable, affordable and practical form of transport for our cities. Our electric motor scooters are easy to maintain and more cost efficient than a traditional motor bike, scooter or car at around 6c per km.

Not only do they have nearly zero carbon emissions, but their silence contributes to zero noise pollution. They are an easy and fun ride thanks to the instant power provided by the electric motor.
One of Go-Lectric’s aims to assist businesses in adopting electric motorbikes, reducing their operating costs whilst helping companies in their commitment to going green!

Our Mission

  • To develop a cost-efficient mode of transport for South Africa, based on a model that has seen great success in Asia.
  • To increase access to private vehicle ownership to South Africans
  • To provide a “greener” method of travelling around urban environments creating a cleaner environment.
  • To assist in reducing the (often crippling) congestion in our urban areas.

Our Values

  • Efficient
  • Sustainable
  • Professional
  • Innovative

Our Services

  • Import
  • After sales care
  • Assistance in obtaining finance
  • Delivery (Within Cape Town region)
  • Development of infrastructure